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Koh Lipe, There are 4 main beaches & a few smaller coves: Pattaya Beach, Sunrise Beach, Sunset and Karma Beach. More private beaches are Sanom Beach and Bila Beach.
All beaches are connected by footpaths and it takes about an hour or two to walk the entire island.

Pattaya Beach: A large sheltered bay with soft powdery sand, crystal clear blue water and good snorkeling directly off the beach. There is a wide range of accommodation on Pattaya Beach, but over the last few years there has been a trend for larger, more upmarket resorts. There are a dozens of bars and restaurants on the beach or around the corner in Walking Street. In high season it can get quite busy, but the other beaches are only a short 15 minute walk away, so it is still relatively easy to escape the crowds.

Sunrise Beach (Hat Chao Ley) A long stretch of white sandy beach that is protected from the monsoon weather in low season, and has a pleasant breeze on most days during high season. The school, hospital and a small Chao Ley village are located here. Accommodation is more spread out than on Pattaya Beach, and there are still a few cheap places around, but several upmarket places have opened over the last few years too. There are a few small restaurants and shops on Sunrise Beach, and it is between 5 and 15 minutes to Walking Street and the other beaches. Sunrise Beach has the best snorkeling off the beach.

Sunset Beach: (Hat Pramong) A small bay facing West to the Butang Islands and is a great place to watch the sunset. The area around Sunset Beach is the most quiet and laid back on Koh Lipe, with only a few places to stay. Accommodation ranges from basic huts on the beach to rustic and private bungalows set in shady jungle. There are no upmarket places to stay in the area. There are a few nice places to eat and drink in the area, and it's a 10 to 15 minute walk to Walking Street and the other beaches.

Koh LipeThe local inhabitants, Chao Ley, mainly derive their livelihood from fishing. The recent boom in tourism has seen that change. Some have opened up restaurants serving local food as well as boat tours and taxi services. Visit our Responsible Tourism Page for more information on how to preserve the island and their precious way of life before it is too late!

There are hundreds of bungalows on Koh Lipe, ranging from tents on the beach to the more outstanding with panoramic views. See our accommodation section for more information about each resort.

**Lipe has developed a reputation of filling up quickly and leaving people to sleep on the beach, especially during holidays and long-weekends. We can recommend some idyll beaches for camping or accommodation with online reservations so you can plan before you go!

Koh Lipe can be reached by longtail or ferry from Pakbarra, Koh Lanta, Trang or Langkawi. See the updated Ferry Schedule

Koh LipeThere are no cars and a limited amount of motorbikes. Koh Lipe village has a new school, loads of new shops and some fantastic local restaurants.

There is also a newly improved medical center with basic supplies. Travelers with medical experience are asked to register in case of emergency. *if you are interested in helping- please bring English books or learning material to donate to the children at the school*

There have been increasing complaints about problems of litter and waste disposal on Ko Lipe. It is a small island, ill-equipped to cope with the volume of tourism it is now receiving, so try to tread lightly.

High Season: October until May. Koh Lipe is very popular for Thai tourists during long weekends and national holidays, and accommodation is sometimes booked months in advance.

Peak Season: December, January and February. Most of the rooms on the island are full, and if you arrive without a reservation it will be hard to find a room you like. Popular places are booked months in advance for Christmas and New Year, and during the weeks before and after. This is the same all over Thailand, and Koh Lipe is no exception, so reservations are highly recommended.

Low (Green) Season: May until October. It is now possible to visit Koh Lipe all year. Although some places close during low season, quite a few others are now open all year. The island is quiet in low season, or as the locals call it 'green season', some places offer as much as 50% discount.

Visit our accommodation section for more information.

Travel Information

Pak Bara is the main terminal for ferries to Koh Lipe, with boats running all year, and up to 8 boats a day in high season! From November until May you can reach Koh Lipe from several places along the Andaman Sea: Koh Lanta, Koh Phi Phi, Langkawi, Trang, and many more. Visit our Travel Page


Koh Lipe thailandHigh Season - October to early May
Low Season - Mid-May to September

Peak Season Holidays:
Loy Kratong: November 21
H.M The King's Birthday: December 5
Christmas & New Years Eve: December 24th-Jan 1
Chinese New Year: February 7
Buddhist New Year (Songkran): April 13-17


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