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Koh Lipe Weather

Koh Lipe WeatherKoh Lipe weather is quite predictable and isn't too much of hassle if you're looking to travel there at any time of the year. The southern region of Thailand (including Koh Lipe) really has only 2 seasons - Wet and Dry.

Weather on Koh Lipe varies from season to season, she has rain and storms from April through September, but don't let this scare you away, Lipe rains start fast and are gone just as soon as they started. Occasionally you will experience full days of rain but those aren't the norm during the peak season. Koh Lipe weather doesn't change much throughout the year.

The average temperature on Lipe is about 26 degrees celsius with fluctuations between 2-3 degreees. So no matter what time you visit, Koh Lipe weather will typically be the same.

Koh Lipe WeatherWith Koh Lipe weather, march to April is the hottest time period to visit Koh Lipe, with April being the hottest month by far anywhere in Thailand.

Pleasent most of the year, you should schedule your visit between November and February if you want the best weather but also know, this is when the most tourists are in the country.

Weather on Koh Lipe: Meteo facts

  • Avg. Temp. year-round: 26 degrees celsius
  • Hottest month: April
  • Rainy season: April - October
  • Best weather: November - February
  • Avg. rainfall during rainy season (mm): 230/month
  • Avg. rainfall during dry season (mm): 57/month


So when should you come?

Koh Lipe is a popular island already but it is booming as we speak. More and more people are finding out about this beautiful island and hence more and more people show up every year.
If you want to book any reservation for Koh Lipe make sure you do so far in advance (at least a month and a half) as there isn't much accommodation and everybody wants to come here.

If you plan on coming in peak season (November through February) be sure to book a few months in advance. If you just show up on this island and expect to find a decent room then you may be sleeping on the beach.
Be sure to visit our accommodation page to find every hotel, resort, and bungalow currently on Koh Lipe.

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