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Serendipity Resort Koh Lipe

Serendipity Beach resort.html
Serendipity is by far one of the nicest resorts on Koh Lipe. These aren't your average bungalows, these are awesome! Easily some of the best in all of Thailand. Located on a private white sand beach you'll have the perfect opportunity to get away from the daily stresses of life and truly enjoy your time spent in Thailand.

You'll enjoy the excellent customer service and restaurant on site. Serendipity really aims to make their guests feel like family and you can tell from the second you step on the property. There is an incredible spa on site as well, so you can get a traditional Thai massage while enjoying the limitless views of the water and beyond.

Serendipity is geared towards the people who know how to kick back and relax, and appreciate the good side of life. This resort would be the perfect place to stay for a honeymoon or any other special occassion. Or........

Serendipity WeddingWhy not get married? Have you been looking for the best beach for an ideal wedding in Thailand? Look no further.

Serendipity can cater to all your needs and desires! Friends and family can relax in the spacious rooms while the professional staff set the beach alive with romance!


*Check Availability at Serendipity Resort*

Koh Lipe, Thailand, Accommodation Reservations

Even if you are not there for romance, it's still a really cool place!  The beach in front of the resort is ideal for bathing and swimming, and just offshore there is a good coral reef where even black tip reef sharks can sometimes be seen. The resort offers tours to neighboring islands, and the local guides will make sure you have a great time.

Anda Beach Resort, Koh Lipe, ThailandSerendipity guests can enjoy a wide arrange of on-site activities.

Get a massage in your room or on the beach, from traditional Thai masage to scented oils and herbal body scrubs!

Or have a tasty cocktail at the "On The Rocks" restaurant and bar.  On The Rocks is 3 levels of island bliss! A few meters above the lapping waves, with views that are simply stunning! If you like the view from your room just as much, On The Rocks will deliver!

There is also great diving and even sailing adventure available! Serendipity has more or less everything you need for an island getaway. All the luxuries of modern day, built in traditional island style and helping with the sustainability of Koh Lipe

Serendipity room view
Serendipity Resort is located at the southernmost point on Sunrise beach.

When walking from Sunrise Beach or Walking Street, you'll have to walk past Idyllic Resort then walk behind the rock outcropingp and follow the path through Viewpoint Bungalows until you come to Serendipity. You will arrive at a secluded beach, Serendipity is built on the land rising up from this beach.

You can also get to the back  of the resort by following the path that starts from the concrete road and walk behind Anda and Idyllic resorts, then come up though the jungle to Serendipity. You can also just ask one of the local longtail drivers to take you directly to the beach


Anda Beach Resort, Koh Lipe, Thailand
All Rooms Include:

*Check Availability*

Koh Lipe, Thailand, Accommodation Reservations

Reviews of Serendipity Resort
Couple Amsterdam
Jul. 17,

“just the place”

It's absolutely worth the long trip to the most southern part of Thailand. Not just the island Koh Lipe, but also Serendipity. It's on the quiet side of the island build on the rocky southern part, with great views. It's still in walking distance of sunlight beach and even pattaya beach. Good service, beautiful bungalows and a good restaurant.



Name: Lina A.
Kuala Lumour
May 16,

Nice resort with nice beach

We made booking via email & received confirmation from Jay who reply our email promptly. We stayed in Serendipity Resort for 3 nights. We are welcomed by Carl & Nu who are very helpful. The hotel is very beautiful with a very nice and private beach so we have the beach by ourselves all day long!! We love the room (room no 2 Dok Kaew) and the view is superb!! We love to hang around at the outside terrace as there are hammocks and cushions so it is comfortable to do some reading or surfing internet (btw they provide free wifi in the room) Nothing much to say about the breakfast as we have the same breakfast everyday but only at different venue (we had it at the room terrace one day & at the beach the next day and the resort provide you with the beach bag) The only difficulty that we have was heading to Walking Street as it is quite a distance and it will be very dark along the road even with torch light on. Overall it is a very nice place to stay especially for couples. Not doing so much activities on the island itself as I was not feeling well the whole time but my husband enjoyed the snorkelling very much. Great & very friendly & helpful staff.. the reception, the waitress, the housekeeping, the chef.. love their smiles.... keep up the good work guys!!! Lina & Boy



Name: Kate C.
May 7,

The best resort in Thailand

Serendipity is the best resort on Koh Lipe I stayed at serendipity with my friend in april ago we are stay for 2 night. we impress everything especially, receptionist ,service , food,and room so have the window to see view widespread. my menu recommend is "On the rock" and then cocktail is so good and various menu. Maybe chance I requre to go back agin.



Name: Dick T.
April 26,

A little bit of paradise

We travelled to Koh Lipe in early April and stayed at Serendipity Resort for a number of days.We booked via email (of course) and Jay corresponded very promptly. Nearer the time I made some enquiries regarding a transfer from Hat Yai to the resort which required a follow up email in order to obtain a response. Despite the lengthy delay we did receive a satisfactory answer to our request.

FIRST IMPRESSIONS Having arrived via speedboat onto the Pattaya Beach pontoon we were immediately greeted by the Serendipity Resort long-tail boat crew. The transfer from the pontoon onto the long-tail boat was swift and before everyone else had sorted themselves out we were being whisked away out of the bay to the resort around the corner on Sunrise Beach. We were greeted on the beach in front of the resort by Carl, who is the resident manager. We were offered fruit juice and a refreshing towel and then taken up the stairs to our allocated villa.Carl showed us around and explained the ins and outs of how the resort worked and what the villa had to offer.

THE VILLA We asked for an A/C villa with a sea view. Luckily for us the villa was located just over half way up the hill side around 100 odd steps from sea level. In all honesty I don’t think we would have wanted to be any higher - although the steps were not a problem any more might have become one! The villa was a very good size and the two of us had more than enough space to accommodate all our junk which we seemed to have taken with us. I keep meaning to take just the essentials but always ending up taking the spare pair of shoes etc just in case! As already stated on numerous other posts the resort’s major attribute is its location. The view from our villa was stunning and as we were located in a cul-de-sac passing human traffic was non existent – very peaceful.

We were able to wake up each morning to a beautiful view of the sea – privacy was guaranteed and we never felt the need to draw any curtains! I am not sure whether that would be the case at the lower level villas. The construction of the villa was arguably basic – designed along traditional lines with little input from professional carpenters! Never the less the design worked and so what if there were gaps in the roof joints! It all added to the character and charm of the resort.

The villa facilities were ample – the bed was shrouded by a mosquito net which was prepared by the staff during the turn down service in the evening along with the nightly lighting of the villa mosquito coils. The villa had a good range of tea provided along with fresh ground coffee which was replenished every day. The bathroom was more than adequate and provided you with a heated shower. I know comment has been made about the quality of the shower but when you bear in mind that water is not to be taken for granted on the island I don’t think that you can really complain. One comment – the tap in the hand basin was dripping – it had been dripping for a long time as it had worn the brass base – it was irritating but to be honest we just were too lazy to ask for it to be sorted!

The outside terrace was again of a good size and was provided with hammocks and cushions for those lazy afternoons. The terrace rails were fairly low – especially on the raised portion and I would be a little wary if I had been travelling with small children as the drop from here was significant. My main criticism of the villa was the security – there was no room safe – I know these are on the agenda – the folding doors were secured by drop down latches and a folding bracket / padlock combination! For a resort of this calibre we did not think that this arrangement was satisfactory – nor did we think that the gaps between the folding doors were too good. Other resorts seemed to have fitted appropriate door locks and had managed to get folding doors that fitted! Having said that we did not have any cause for concern with regard to our ‘valuables’ – there was simply no passing traffic (people) and we felt comfortable leaving our belongings in the villa.

THE BREAKFAST AND RESTAURANT Much has been said about the breakfast. For the first few days it worked! The fruit / muesli / yoghurt / bread / cake combination was fine. It was nice having the option as to when you ate everything – on more than one occasion we had toast and jam in the middle of the afternoon! We also tried the continental version which was more or less the same but with the addition of a cold platter consisting of several slices of garlic sausage. This we were not impressed with! After a few days we found we had outstayed the breakfast and sought comfort from the occasional omelette sourced further along the beach. I know that Jay has hinted that they are considering offering a hot option next season – in reality I think this is a must. I know in a small resort it causes problems having to get someone on standby to cook a few eggs but we think it would make a real difference. The restaurant was not the cheapest on the island but certainly produced some of the best food – both Thai and Western – and benefitted from a breathtaking position. One aspect of the pricing we never got to grips with was why Serendipity had to add VAT @ 7% to all its advertised prices? For example the healthy smoothies were 120 Baht + VAT! As far as we could see they were alone on the whole island in the way they priced things!

THE NOISE Yes it’s noisy – as soon as the day breaks you are plunged into the latest round of the world lawn mower racing championship! Whoever invented the first long-tail boat powered by these engines was obviously deaf as a post! At times the noise is unbelievable. The resorts best attribute is also its worst! Being positioned at the end of Sunrise Beach it is right in the main shipping lane between the two busiest beaches and as everything moves by boat you can guess the rest. Having said all that this is Thailand and these boats are part of the local way of life and after a while we kind of got used to it all. What was interesting was a comment I heard that the resort is attempting to instigate a local practice of fitting silencers to the engines – I think there are two hopes on that front and Bob is one of them! We saw one ‘long-tail’ boat that had been fitted with an inboard engine – quiet but did not look the part lacking the long prop shaft. We noted that the resident Serendipity boat was still waiting for its silencer!

LOCAL FAUNA Remember that this is a tropical island. Bearing that in mind the wildlife is not too bad and certainly did not pose any issues for us. As the villas are not sealed – indeed there are some significant gaps to be found it comes as no surprise that our space was occasionally invaded by the local inhabitants. The mosquito net came into its own – not keeping mosquitoes out but keeping the flying beetles at bay. Every evening we were greeted by squads of flying suicide beetles who would insist on crashing onto their backs mid flight! The villa also had resident geckoes, frogs, millipedes and a variety of other insect life. Yes we were both bitten – not by mosquitoes – only actually saw a few – but by the annoying invisible bugs! One other thing worth mentioning on this topic was the walk back to the resort in the evening. The torch provided is a must – the route back takes you across Sunrise Beach and the portion at the base of the resort is not lit. It is here that one must be careful to avoid the hordes of hermit crabs that frequent the area after dark.

Swimming from the resort beach is excellent – can be a problem at low tide as a lot of the rocks are exposed – but the clarity of the water is superb. There is good snorkelling to be had right in front of Serendipity and around both the small islands located off the beach. Unfortunately the coral close to Koh Lipe has all but been destroyed – a good variety of fish remain but it is sad to see so much damage. Yes this beach does disappear at high tide so it is impossible to have any loungers but there are plenty of alternative options available so this was not a problem.

OVERALL OPINION The resort staff without exception were very attentive and always greeted us with a genuine smile. The level of service was very high and nothing was too much trouble for them. Carl assisted in booking our onward travel and we found him very approachable and helpful. Comment has been made about the quality of the hand rails on the steps – yes they are not brilliant but if one takes a reasonable amount of care when ascending / descending there should not be a problem. The resort is not cheap and charges top end prices - I believe that they are being increased for season 14– value for money is a subject that has caused us much thought. There is no doubt that Serendipity is a very well planned and thought out project – its best features being location, privacy and the individual attention you receive. However we felt that the build quality and finishing touches were just a little lacking to make this a truly great resort – very, very good but not great! On balance we would have ideally liked to have given the resort four and a half stars but we couldn't! There is no doubt that Serendipity is very popular as we met a number of people on the island who had wanted to stay there but had been unable as the resort was full.

The resort is in the process of rebuilding ‘The Big Lebowski’ complete with new plunge pool, which for two people will be in excess of £300 per night. In fact a lot of the installation work was taking place during our stay. Bearing in mind that the resort is shut for four months from the end of May, it did strike us as rather odd that this work was taking place when the resort was full.

We did have a fantastic stay at Serendipity and we would like to thank Carl, Nu and everyone else involved in the day to day running of the resort for providing us with a truly memorable trip. Oh yes – and we lived though the Tsunami alert!

One last comment – it is noticeable around the island that there is starting to be an issue with rubbish! It is sad to see and hopefully the matter can be controlled sooner rather than later!




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Koh Lipe, Thailand, Accommodation Reservations

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